Funds in Action
Called to Renew gifts drive transformation, renew facilities, and address vital needs, with heartfelt thanks.
Holy Angels, Arcadia

Holy Angels Embark on Exciting Projects

April 12, 2024

Holy Angels Catholic Parish, supported by the Called to Renew funds, has initiated transformative projects to enhance the parish environment. They have waterproofed the church exterior, ensuring safety during adverse weather, and revitalized the school building for improved functionality and aesthetics.

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St. Eugene, Los Angeles

St. Eugene Catholic Church's Painting Project

April 17, 2024

St. Eugene Catholic Church in Los Angeles underwent a revitalizing painting project for the rectory and the church's exterior with the Called to Renew funds. This collaborative effort, led by parish volunteers, enhanced the buildings' aesthetics and strengthened community bonds and faith values.

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St. Anastasia, Los Angeles

Renewing St. Anastasia

April 17, 2024

Discover the renewed spirit at St. Anastasia Parish, where recent renovations have revitalized their sacred spaces. With roof repairs, new windows, revamped flooring, a modern PA system, and fresh exterior paint, our parish stands as a testament to faith, community, and dedication. They are grateful for the support, through Called to Renew, that has made these improvements possible, ensuring a welcoming and uplifting environment for all who join us in prayer and fellowship.

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St. Thomas More Parish

Enhancing Accessibility Through Called to Renew

April 18, 2024

St. Thomas More Parish in Alhambra, with the support of Called to Renew funding, recently completed and critical projects. These included repairing an existing wheelchair ramp and adding two new ramps, providing three in total. These improvements signify the parish's commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that all parishioners can fully participate in parish activities.

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