Campaign Prayer
Prayer is the center of everything we do as Catholics; join us as we ask God to bless our efforts to renew His Church
God of love and God of life,
We thank You for your blessings.
Especially the gift of life and the gift of faith.
Father, give us wisdom and courage
and guide us as we call Your family
here in Los Angeles to renewal.
Help us to raise up a new generation of missionary disciples to proclaim the good news of Your mercy and to serve our
brothers and sisters in need.
Fill us with Your Spirit,
that we might call Your sons and daughters
to be priests and deacons and consecrated religious to dedicate their lives to You;
that we might call Your Church to bring healing
to the sick and love to the poor and those in prison; that we might call our young people
to seek Your beautiful plan for their lives.
Father, give us all new excitement to follow Jesus
and to serve You with all our hearts and all our strength. Increase our faith and give us confidence to offer You our gifts, our talents and our treasure —
that we might find our true treasure in heaven with You.
Trusting in the tender love of our Blessed Mother,
Queen of the Angels, we ask all this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.