to Renew
Called to Renew is a historic, five-year campaign to strengthen parishes, families, and communities through unity and action; together we commit to renewing what is important so we can pass it on to those who we love.

Funds in Action

Called to Renew gifts spark transformation. They rejuvenate facilities, fuel innovative programs, and meet critical needs. We’re grateful to all contributors and anticipate ongoing impact.

Completed Projects

Information on
Your Parish Projects
and Progress

For specific details about how your contributions are supporting projects in your parish, please call your local parish directly. They can provide you with in-depth information on how your generosity is making a real difference in your community. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our vital initiatives.

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Called to Renew can only be successful with your help and support. To stay connected with news, updates, and inspiring stories of renewal please provide your email.

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